Wandeka Gayle "Celebrates Jamaica"
(Published May 13, 2012 - Sunday Gleaner)

by Alessandro Boyd, Gleaner Writer

"I felt really inspired by Wandeka today. One day I want to be just like her and open my own exhibit." That is what 15-year-old Samantha Brown of Spanish Town High School told The Sunday Gleaner at the art exhibit titled 'Celebrating Jamaica in Watercolour'. It was held at the Redbones Blues Café last Thursday.

American-based Jamaican artist, Wandeka Gayle, made her return to Jamaica last week to showcase her latest watercolour paintings under the theme 'Celebrate Jamaica' in commemoration of the island's grand jubilee.

Wandeka Gayle on TVJ's Smile JAMAICA

(Aired May 14, 2012 - 7:30 A.M.)



Wandeka Gayle, artiste peintre jamaïcaine

(Published May 15, 2012 - DaVibe Jamaica Magazine)

​L'artiste peintre jamaïcaine Wandeka Gayle (basée actuellement aux Etats-unis), était de retour sur son île natale la semaine dernière pour présenter ses dernières aquarelles, sous l'intitulé "Fêtons la Jamaïque", sur le thème de la commémoration du grand jubilé de l'île. (French)

​The Jamaican painter Wandeka Gayle (currently based in the U.S.), was back on her native island last week to present her latest watercolors, entitled "Celebrating Jamaica", the theme of the commemoration of the great Jubilee of the island.(English Translation)

Wandeka Gayle Art

(Published May 1, 2011 - Sunday Gleaner)

From the transparent water-colour painting titled 'Bamboo Rafting' to the rolling 'Blue Mountains peak' in deliberate acrylic, former newspaper reporter Wandeka Gayle has started on a mission to represent rustic Jamaica through art to an international audience.

Gayle, who is from St Catherine, recently hosted her second solo exhibition at Andrews University in Michigan, United States under the theme 'Around Jamaica in 18 Frames,' showing Jamaican scenes in landscapes and seascapes. This comes six months after her debut solo exhibition in October last year where she showed 12 vivid paintings of Jamaican flora and fruits.

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